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Days/Weekend/Weeks Sempreunagioia®


A day, a weekend or a week with Cinzia & Sergio at Villa Semperunagioia with Meditation, Study, Discussion, Fun, Contact with Nature, Garden Therapy, Orthotherapy, Music Therapy, Posture, Breathing, Information on Healthy Eating and Body Care. All this will of course ... Sempreunagioia®

Homemade bread, Pizza and Pasta courses


Theoretical lesson on semolina, shapes, doughs and the making of fresh and dry pasta and egg pasta and making of various shapes by hand and by machine.

From wheat to baked goods. Experiencing the fantastic setting of Villa Semperunagioia located in the Splendid Nature of the Piacentine Hills, considered the Italian Food Valley, Sergio & Cinzia will accompany you in a wonderful "Evergreen Experience". Starting from the Wheat to be ground together in a domestic mill that recalls the healthy and ancient procedures of the past, with a theoretical lesson on the knowledge and use of Flours, up to the practice passing through the Autolysis, the use of Mother Yeast, leavening, dough and baking for bread and pizza.


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Walking around the Castles 


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Sergio & Cinzia accompany you to discover the wonderful territory that surrounds Villa Semperunagioia: the Piacentine Hills. Cradle of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, these hills, which are somewhat reminiscent of those of Chianti and a little of Franciacorta, are home to beautiful cities of art and castles. A territory that encompasses a variety of landscapes of incredible beauty, dotted with vineyards that together form the Route of Wines and flavors that combine simple and tasty cuisine. From Veleia Romana (The Pompeii of the North just 7 minutes), to the Gropparello Castle (8 minutes), to the Visconti fortress of Castell'Arquato and the countless other fantastic castles, to the Regio Theater of Parma, the Luciano Pavarotti House Museum, The Adda Sud Park, the Masone Labyrinth, the Food Museums, the Ferrari Museum, the Geological Museum and much more. To spend an unforgettable day with Sergio & Cinzia. Of course, always in the Sempreunagioia® mode.


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Comic writing courses


Author for 25 years of some of the most famous Italian comedians as well as of successful television broadcasts and blockbuster films, in the wonderful setting of Villa Sempreunagioia®, Sergio Cosentino holds Comic Writing Courses. The Program includes: Construction techniques of the joke and the comic story, creation of the joke to be inserted in an existing context (script, skecth, monologue), creation of the comic character, conception and writing of the comic sketch, ideation and writing of the text of a Comic Song, Subject, Treatment and Screenplay of a Comic Film. Subject, Treatment and Writing of the Script for a Comedy. Understand the mechanics of Working Together with the Comedian during Writing and in personal support in television broadcasts and movie sets. The internships are also aimed at non-professionals who simply want to understand and learn the mechanisms of joke and the importance of humor with respect to communication in professional and relationship contexts.


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