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We are almost there!

Villa Sempreunagioia® is about to open. Finally, the Covid 19 Pandemic seems to be heading towards a definitive solution and we are almost at the end of our bureaucratic formalities. We are sure that within a few weeks we will finally be able to have the pleasure of meeting you in person

We created Sempreunagioia® because we decided to pass

our experience there. Many people are not serene, they are not Happy,

but they have not yet understood that most of their unhappiness comes

from their own behaviors, from their thoughts. Many people in the world do

not realize that the masochistic behaviors that each of us carries out every

day, now a real habit of life, are the very reason for unhappiness and the

lack of serenity in our own existence. If we understood that most of the

times when things do not go as we would like, the cause is to be attributed

to ourselves, our life would be different: we would be serene, we would be

successful, we would be Happy. We firmly believe in Positive Thinking and

in a life lived in harmony with nature. Through our website and our social

networks, we will try to share our experience with you, our knowledge, our

research on thinkers, doctors, psychologists, experts, theologians,philosophers

who have developed the theories of Positive Thinking (New Thought) and who

have contributed to change the lives of millions of people for the better. We will then share Phrases, Thoughts, Images, Videos, Advices and everything that can be useful to spread this knowledge to all the Friends who want to follow us. Villa Sempreunagioia will soon be born, a Structure where we will carry out our activities of Courses, Conferences, Readings, Relaxation Stays, Educational Farm, Garden Therapy, Orthotherapy, Music Therapy, Production and Consumption of absolutely Organic Products. If it is true that happiness translates into moments, in our life we feel serene and very often happy, so we would like to help you feel like us, with humility, without presumption, but with the certainty that if we can also just a little to reach this goal this will increase the Harmony and the Good in and around us.

An hug.

Sergio & Cinzia



The Book of the Week

This week we recommend  "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. More details in the Books Section of the Advice Page.

The Movie of the Week


This week we recommend Yes Man " Directed by Peyton Reed. More details in the Movies Section of the Advice Page.

Silence - A Wonderful Life Companion 

Nowadays we are all absorbed in our daily life by a thousand commitments: there is work, the family to carry on, the house to be cleaned, the shopping to be done. Our days are always hectic and we are very busy always clarifying what our requests are, surrounded by a hectic world with which we sometimes have the feeling of not being able to keep up. In all this we are busy talking, sometimes shouting our needs, surrounded by the honking of car horns in city traffic, very loud music coming from shops or apartment rooms with open windows, the incessant ringing of mobile phones with consequent telephone conversation held in a very high tone of voice.
Unfortunately, there is a harmful component in our daily life and to which, unfortunately, we have got used to it because it has slowly crept into our days and it is Noise. It causes us a lot of physical damage such as sometimes hearing loss, headaches, it takes away our concentration, even in extreme cases stealing our serenity.
Contrasted to Noise there is Silence, but we do everything to avoid it, we are afraid of it because it requires us to have an inner conversation with the most intimate part of ourselves, so we do our best to fill every moment of our life in an attempt to escape it. .
"Silence is golden" says an ancient proverb, how true it is! Silence allows us to notice everything that is happening to us in life, it allows us to decide independently the actions to be performed because in Silence we can Listen, Observe, Think and finally, only when we have matured something really important to say , we can speak, convinced and aware that what we express is our opinion, our real intimate conviction.It gives us calm, serene thoughts, makes us attentive to the wonders of the nature that surrounds us, gives us moments of intense awareness of what is really important to us. In Silence, thoughts rise because it allows us to observe everything, our friends, colleagues, relatives, family members, everything that exists in the world, including the most intimate part of ourselves, especially that, made up of thoughts and sensations. which sometimes need to be changed because they are wrong. An example of all are negative thoughts, those that lead us to underestimate ourselves and consequently to have wrong feelings and behaviors.
Silence is a Great Teacher, it leads us to understand, to learn, it gives us joy. In the Silence we recharge, we rest, we manage to have intuitions that otherwise, too distracted, would have remained, so to speak, "in the ether".
In Silence we can read, write, make plans, meditate, paint, draw, be in contact, talking and cradling our inner child always so in need of attention.
When we go for walks in the woods, our ears have immediate relief because there are only the sounds of Nature there. You can hear the sounds of animals and our Soul comes out refreshed, because we realize that we are part of a Whole, we realize that there is no need to make too much noise to be able to live in a dignified way. There we can observe the animals with their behaviors and their essential rules: they are devoid of the waste and negativity that abound in our life.
Silence sometimes compresses itself creating spaces in which it gives way to Music for the sole purpose of making us appreciate it.
Silence accompanies us in the most important moments of our life, a faithful and sometimes sudden companion, because in the fundamental situations, the most exciting ones, it takes away the word, as if to impose itself on our will, in order to make us live those precious moments more intensely. We must cultivate Silence because it is essential for us. He educates us to life together with his friends Calm and Awareness of which he is a profound ally.
In Silence we are able to feel Happiness, we must not fear it, but cultivate it daily. We must understand that all the Noise in the world is not the solution to our worries. We don't have to fill our days with commitments that bring Noise in our mind, as well as in our ears, in order to live well. Instead, we must always leave a space available to Silence because for us he is the bearer of spiritual Wealth, Awareness, Calm, Serenity and Conviction. He leads us to Live fully until we reach our life goals.
Cinzia Scarpa



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