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Living in contact with Nature and the Environment and respecting them is absolutely Sempreunagioia®. Humanity is an important part of the Universe, but only a part. We cannot think that our existence is not totally linked and in tune with the rest of creation. Our every action or behavior, as we know in fact, has an impact on Nature and the Environment and that is why we must have respect for it also in order to continue to have nourishment, well-being, health, serenity and happiness from it. On this page we point out Magazines, TV Programs, Blogs, Images, Videos and Comments that enlighten us on this delicate and passionate topic.

Sergio & Cinzia


Geo is an Italian documentary television program, broadcast since 1984 on Rai 3. The broadcast is currently conducted by Sveva Sagramola and Emanuele Biggi, biologist and nature-loving photographer. The topics covered range from culture to climate, from animals to new technologies, from nature to gastronomy up to current events. 

Sergio & Cinzia


GEO - Rai 3


The National Geographic Magazine is a monthly magazine of the National Geographic Society published in many countries of the world and translated into 31 different languages, counting the number of fifty million readers per month.

Sergio & Cinzia 

National Geographic

All the news about the environment, the definition, the protection and protection of nature are on LifeGate. To know the latest news from the world of environmental and sustainable education, follow this section and discover all the updates and insights on respect for natural resources such as water and plant and animal biodiversity, on the importance of recycling and separate collection, on the most important issue of our time: global warming and its consequences, namely climate change. 

Sergio & Cinzia


Lifegate Ambiente


BioEcoGeo is not just a magazine, it is not just a site but a project! Create a more conscious model of society, strong in the sharing and dissemination of an environmental culture for the well-being of the individual and the planet in which the latter lives. The magazine brings together the main issues related to environmental sustainability and is completed with its online version, updated daily and attentive to international economic events and our policies. The aim of the magazine is to give the reader the right tools to reflect, form an opinion and have their own final judgment. BioEcoGeo is on newsstands, but if having it at home is more convenient, the subscription is simple and immediate! 

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Il Giornale dell'Ambiente: In the universe of online information and fake news, this newspaper introduces itself to readers by focusing on deontology, ethics and the quality of the news; rigorously checked and published by their journalists with the utmost professionalism and loyalty.

Sergio & Cinzia 

Il Giornale dell'Ambiente


InNatura is an environmental magazine that was born from a collective idea and a sincere passion projected towards the exploration of the natural environment, its knowledge and protection. Page after page in Nature affirms how every single individual is part of the natural world and how much this, in order to live and thrive, needs balance. Our gaze wants to start from below, from the land and agricultural cultures, with attention to small communities, their stories and their knowledge. We pay attention to our territory and the best way to experience it. Which is also the best way to defend it. InNatura is interested in best practices, both individual and collective. He thinks about agricultural production but also about how to cultivate a small, large or collective garden. It deals with self-consumption, zero-kilometer distribution, markets and purchasing groups.

Sergio & Cinzia 



THE BIODIVERSITY DAILY We deal with the environment and we decline it in all its structural aspects: politics, ecosystems, animals, agri-food, climate change, science and research, news from the territories. 


It is the first Italian environmental education monthly, founded in 1989. The Internet-style dot that precedes the logo refers to the project of a magazine-network, a bridge between different realities and points of view and a tool for synergies between the world of schools, associations, institutions, businesses. The magazine's program is summarized in the subtitle "sustainable education": .eco sets itself as a reference point for action research on two key words: "education" and "sustainability", to build a culture of education inspired by principles of environmentalism, the protection of the territory, the enhancement of material culture and biodiversity, for the use of all professional operators and decision-makers of the educational system, both formal and non-formal. The magazine comes out nine times a year. 


Rivista .eco

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