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The Locus of Control in Psychology and Psychopathology, are the modalities put in place by all of us to be able to control the events of life. Normally people are divided into two categories: those who possess a Locus of Control that can be considered Internal and those who have it External. Those who have it internal are convinced that the events of their life depend exclusively on themselves and their skills in work, study, commitment and therefore consider every achievement or defeat exclusively dependent on his behavior. Those who have an External Locus of Control are pers귭 that destiny, luck, chance and in any case a whole series of external factors not attributable to himself are to guide his life. Usually those who have an External Control Locus have low self-esteem, little desire to get involved and attribute their failures to others or to destiny. hours of knowledge and preparation that allow him to face the challenges of life with greater determination and success above all because he believes in his own abilities and is not afraid of risk and fatigue. Thought Semperunagioia believes that the optimal is a Locus of Control variable from Internal to External. Individuals with these characteristics are referred to in Psychology as Bi-Loci. They are able to manage stress better and cope with difficulties effectively, because they have greater flexibility in moving from Internal Locus to External and vice versa, depending on the needs and events of their life. In one of our next articles we will explore this topic.

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Many people live a life constantly fighting with each other, always looking for the enemy, the culprit, the one responsible for all their troubles. Everyone has happened to know subjects of this kind. They are always angry people. who almost never have kind words or attitudes towards people, society, the world. They are “Absolutists ” people for whom things are always black or white, right or wrong, false or true. convinced of the existence of a conspiracy, of a rip-off, of an impropriety against them, reasons for which they believe that it is always better to be on guard, to be disenchanted, to never trust anyone. These attitudes, however, reveal an only one truth: the only real enemies of these are themselves. Unfortunately, these are people who in the past were not loved enough and, having developed low self-esteem, live in the present. in the constant conviction of not deserving love, so that everything negative happens to punish them. They therefore lead an existence constantly in defense, convinced that they have to save themselves from nonexistent dangers and from an enemy that in truth does not exist. They will finally be able to start living a peaceful and happy life only when they understand that they themselves are the only real enemy from which to defend themselves. To avoid all this and live a different life there is an infallible cure and “People Sempreunagioia® ”.

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